How do I replace a “selector” when needed?

How to find a selector for any element


To update the selectors you can open the desired website in either chrome or the chromium app opened by your TaskMagic when running your automation.


After typing in the url of where you want to go / getting to where you need to be right click with your mouse then click inspect

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As you hover over things on the right side you will see what it corresponds to on the page. Once it highlights the correct element, right click whatever was highlight in the developer tool window on the right then select any of these 3 options to copy


selector and copy xpath are the best options unless the website is using extreme measures to prevent bots. If they try to prevent bots, you should use Full xpath or find a custom expression you can use

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To update your selectors click the 3 dots then Update Selectors on any steps in your automation

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After doing this you can add/update/delete any of the selectors here. You are able to paste xpaths, css selectors and puppeteer expressions

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