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YES! We use 2-way AES256 encryption and it is virtually impenetrable by brute force attacks. It is the most secure encryption layer currently available.

🤓 AES-256 encryption is a method of transforming your information into a secret code that only you and the intended recipient can understand. It uses a mathematical formula and a long password to change the information into a random sequence of bits. The password is 256 bits long, which means it has 78 digits and is very hard to crack. To read the information, you need to use the same password and formula to reverse the process. This is called 2-way encryption because both parties need the password to exchange the information.

While password fields are encrypted by default, you can also choose to encrypt any other type steps as well.

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Once you clicked on the 3 dots and clicked on encrypt text, you’ll see this pop-up¹ and the text of the step you encrypted will now say [Encrypted Text]².

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When you click on the step you just encrypted you see this pop-up¹. As you can see the original text is no longer shown, in this case we see the 2-way AES256 encryption². If you want to change the encrypted text you just have to re-type the text you want encrypted and press save.

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